Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So Much Has Happened...

I think it has been eight months since I last posted something. Wow, time flies so fast!
Here it goes....Went to Lagoon. Beckam started out good and then wiggled his way out. Not so good. We didn't try any other rides after that one.
We loved Lagoon, but why does it cost so much dang money?

Our neighbors adopted a fox when it was just a baby. She is growing super fast and is best friends with our dog. We call her Swiper (her real name is Foxy) because she steals anything she can get her paws on.

Went to the cabin with the fam. The boys stayed in their pj's and went hunting for Heckedy Peg a mean old wicked witch in the forest every day. Don't you love Crew's hat.

Crew became a real ranger in Yellowstone. The rangers had Crew repeat an oath and gave him a pin. He still to this day will not take off the vest or the hat.
Whenever we would enter a building Crew would yell, " ranger here, everyone clear the area."

Beckam learned to walk.

Went to the zoo. I was kind of sad that there were no bears and that all of the zebras died. What the heck is going on there?


cody & allison said...

Fun update! I love Crue the Ranger. Those are some cute boys. Hope to see you sometime soon.

Michele said...

seriously, 8 months without blogging is ridiculous. love this update. can't believe beckham is walking. and I expect crew to be wearing his hat and vest at dinner tonight. he better not disappoint.

adamandkindi said...

Hooray! Back to the blogging world! What is the deal with the zoo?! That's crazy! I love the story about Crew! So cute!! Beckham is so big, I can't beleive it!!

Kaitlin Phelps said...

Hey Ash,
Hope your birthday was a good day. The boys and I have been missin you three up in Eden. Hope you are doing well.

Ryan & Jillian said...

Ash your banner picture is so stinkin cute!! I love it! I miss those cute boys!